We have developed a self sustaining, reliable power resource that has successfully supported our network services to our clients for many years.

AritechBiz TECHNIK™ Alternative Energy Solutions are designed to minimize disruptions due to continuous and often unpredictable breaks in power supply to homes and businesses.

It is capable of unlocking opportunities and benefits that environmentally responsible practices can hold as a business imperative.

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AritechBiz TECHNIK™ Alternative Energy Solutions are designed to cater for all energy needs from the very basic power supply essentials during load shedding through our back-up energy bank solutions, to powering a home or business permanently with solar energy.

We took all the complications out of purchasing a fully functional solar power system for home or commercial use. The different solution designs are fully integrated making gradual upgrading to a larger solution, possible and affordable and the migration to a “off the grid” power source not an expensive once off charge.

Ranging from standard mobile grid tied unit to custom made solutions that provide stored / banked power to your home or business by connecting to your distribution board, to utilizing solar power for all your energy needs, we guarantee a clean, silent and a cost saving solution that will benefit not just your pocket but the environment for future generations to enjoy.



AritechBiz TECHNIKTM Product Range