The TECHNIKā„¢ AUTO requires all the circuits to be connected, as it is not possible to isolate appliances / plugs / lights on a specific circuit without having to incur the hefty costs of rewiring the building.

The unit is connected to the circuits on the distribution board.

The power flows from the grid through the unit when there is power flowing from the gird, at the same time charging the batteries.

When load shedding is experienced, the unit automatically switches over to the banked or stored power in the batteries and flows to the selected steams enabling the home or business owner to power the selected areas / appliances, within the capacity range of the unit.

Once grid power is restored, power flows again from the grid through the unit to the distribution board powering all areas / appliances within the house / business, at the same time charging the batteries.




Technik - AUTO 2

Circuits can also be isolated and converted to solar powered energy over time, through our buy-back policy and the back-up hours of stored power can be increased over time by adding additional battery packs.

Making it an affordable and systaltic way to reduce reliance on grid power and move to a complete solar solution.


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