The areas within the house/business that the user wishes to power though solar energy is selected on the distribution board.

The unit is connected to the selected circuits or streams on the distribution board and is powered through solar energy produced by the bi-direction grid-tied TECHNIK™ INTEL.

The power flows from the solar panels through the TECHNIK™ INTEL unit, at the same time charging the batteries.

Should the sunlight hours not be sufficient to maintain the necessary power level in the batteries, the intelligence in the TECHNIK™ INTEL allows it to automatically switch to grid power OR generator power, but only until the batteries are optimally charged again.

Once the batteries are fully charged, the TECHNIK™ INTEL automatically switches back to solar energy.

Making Grid power your back-up power.




Technik - INTEL 2

The circuits on the diagram are only examples of what could be powered. The user can connect any circuits within the power capacity of the unit. The amount of circuits can be increased over time by upgrading the capacity of the unit through our buy-back policy. Selected circuits can also be isolated and converted to solar powered energy over time, through our buy-back policy. The back-up hours of stored power can be increased over time by adding additional battery packs.

Making it an affordable and systaltic way to reduce reliance on grid power and implement a complete solar solution with a generator back-up.


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