• Through our own network we specialise in Wireless, Fiber, Microwave Technology and Managed services (TEM) and as a result has become a fully fledged provider of telecommunication solutions.
  • AritechBiz NEU™ has over the years established strong relationships with service providers and suppliers such as Vodacom and Neotel. Through this strategic partnerships, we enable our partners to provide their customers with the full spectrum of converged technology solutions. This incorporates voice, (inclusive of unified communication technologies) data and video onto one single network.
  • Through a network of branches and offices in South Africa AritechBiz NEU™ provides and distributes product and solutions to the Information and Communication Technology Industry.


We have developed a self sustaining, reliable power resource that has successfully supported our network services to our clients for many years.

The purchase of your first the AritechBiz TECHNIK™ alternative energy solution is an investment in a long term solution to reduce reliance on unnessesary and costly grid power and the first step to an independed solar energy source. Weither you started with a small mobile unit to relieve the discomfort during load shedding or weither you have opted for a distribution board connection, moving to solar powered energy is possible and afordable. The intellegance of all the AritechBiz TECHNIK™ alternative energy solutions are fully integraded allowing  for a smooth and uncomplicated advancement to solar power. READ MORE

Why wait for load shedding to use your AritechBiz TECHNIK™ alternative energy solution. Reduce your  uttility bill drastically by using the stored or banked power voluntaraly. READ MORE

Our buy back policy make it afordable and ensures your initial cash outlay is not lost. Everytime you upgrade to a larger unit, we will buy back the previous unit at the original price and allocate the value  to the price of your new solution. READ MORE