Without secure and reliable energy  and effective and affordable communication tools, financial growth will not be a certainty.

A Thorough understanding of the complexity of the Mobile ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and managed services (TEM) environment AritechBiz NEU™ has secured partnerships with various SMME companies, that drastically reduce their  oerating costs allocated to communication and connectivity and as a result contributing to the growth of our clients.

With our PBX system, every office phone is connected to a single, centralized router within the office, which then assigns a unique line (called a trunk) to the public telephone network. The PBX allows internal calls to be routed without connecting to the public phone network at all—translating to significant cost savings, particularly in large offices.

According to the World Bank, South Africa’s expected GDP growth for 2015 is set at around 2.0%, due to a slowed economy, weighed down by the on-going power crisis.

South Africa’s economy could have been 10% larger if power shortages hadn’t stifled growth and investment and put the nation’s debt at risk.

10% translates to 300 billion rand ($25.4 billion), or more than a million job opportunities.

Of the 9 Strategic priorities for growth and development that was outlined by President Zuma in the State of the Nation Address on 12 February,

  • Resolving the energy challenge topped the list followed by
  • Unlocking the potential of small enterprises and
  • Encouragement of private investment not far behind.


Frequent unplanned cuts and low plant availability will probably persist for the next three years, the National Treasury said in February. “The shortage of electricity to my mind is one of the key factors that investors look at,” Axel Schimmelpfennig, representative of the International Monetary Fund in South Africa, said in Johannesburg on March 31. “Even if you think South Africa is an attractive destination, you can wait — you can come in one year or two years when the power situation is hopefully more stable.” http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-07/south-africa-s-power-crisis-paralyzes-investment-risks-rating