Product Offerings

Hosted PBX

AritechBiz’s Managed IP PBX is a hosted solution using best in class technologies to deliver innovative telephony to businesses over IP. This offering does us proud as it significantly reduces capital expenditure, on hardware or maintenance costs and total network costs; this allows our customers the access to converged applications and office locations geographically.

Hosted Call Centre Solutions

AritechBiz offers hosted or non-hosted Call Centre solutions with features as remote office, voice recording, Call Centre reporting and desktop management.

Other Services

As a business partner for Neotel and Vodacom, AritechBiz also offers other hosted and non-hosted services, therefore our pricing would be exactly the same as if our clients approach these service providers directly. We specialize in our field and provide added benefits to our clients with high service levels set by AritechBiz.

GSM/3G/4G Remote Vodashop Services

AritechBiz in conjunction with Vodacom also offers a Remote Vodashop service for any mobile/Cellphone package deal to our clients. This service is unique and provides the clients with onsite mobile support, contract renewals and new contracts.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

AritechBiz, through its own geographical Network provides wireless voice and data Solutions, to any Small, Medium and or large industries.

Connectivity Solutions

AritechBiz also offers any size, managed or non-managed fiber or microwave connections at cost effective prices

Managed Solutions

AritechBiz managed Solutions is a specialist ICT service and offers a comprehensive approach in providing enterprises the ability to manage their communications environment and associated costs. Telecom expense management has emerged as the business process conducted by IT, telecom and finance departments to determine which corporate telecommunications assets an enterprise should acquire, provision and support. This is done through establishing the telecommunication usage with the option of budget and chargeback options, Asset management helps you manage all your voice and data and wireless equipment, You will not only know where your assets are and how they are being used, but by whom. Helpdesk management gives the client a single point of control over all your telecom support activity presenting you with a complete view of open and closed support tasks, Invoice management lets you drive down telecom costs by taking control of your vendor invoices, you also maintain records of all your invoices, validate, approve or dispute invoices and allocate charges to the appropriate cost centers. Mobile Management enables you to gain control of wireless cost, services and assets by means of collecting cellular phone usage for voice, data, MS and MMS, identify unused devices, ensure wireless governance and policy adherence and security against corporate liability. Private Call Management provide employees with direct access to view and classify their calls as personal or business related through the comfort of a web –based interface. Cable management the IT department can easily define the assets, setup the connectivity paths between them and pinpoint how faults in one cable implicate deployed assets using just your browser.BSS billing solutions QOS management and many more are all part of one platform one service provider.